Which is the best law firm web design company?

Which is the best law firm web design company? Are you tasked with building your law firm website? Do you need to find an excellent partner for your website design project? If the question is, which is the best law firm web design company? We’re here to tell you why we believe to be the best law firm web design company period! Don’t worry – in this article is based on evidence, which we shall in due course, submit to you dear member of the jury. Shall we begin?

Here are 3 reasons why Zedafrica should work on your law firm website project

1. We have a vast portfolio of delivered law firm web design projects

Of course for us to tout our own horns as the best law firm web design company we must have earned the stripes! We have over 10 years experience as a firm, working on law firm websites and therefore quite experienced. In Kenya, we’ve been involved in the redesign of many law firm websites. Some of these include: Oraro and Company Advocates (Legal500 winners), Ashitiva and Company Advocates, CK Advocates, Musyoki Benson and Associates Advocates, Kiamah Kibathi & Company Advocates among many others. These have been some of our most valued clients and we are happy to have journeyed with them and contributed to their digital branding success stories.

2. We have been involved in other law-firm related software projects

Our founder – Eugene Nyawara was project manager for Uwazi. Uwazi is a free, open-source solution for organising, analysing and publishing documents. It was primarily built for law firms working in human rights. The project has evolved into a much more robust resource management tool. Before that, Zedafrica also worked on many law projects. Some of these include: revamping the East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project – based in Uganda (Defend Defenders), The Pan African Lawyers Union in Arusha Tanzania (PALU) and the African Human Rights Action Plan 2018-2022.

3. Our work spans beyond web design, we are masters in creative branding & digital design

Our solutions don’t just start and end with website development, our expertise is especially in building and launching brands. Visit our design portfolio and see some of the work we have done in logo design too. We are good at what we do!

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